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Every Month you'll receive a set. It's good enough to help you realize how much you love all of our products.


Restock box arrives each month.

A Stylist will handpick 3-4 different products. Typical items will include ties, pocket squares, cufflinks & more. There should be enough to get you hooked!

Future Sets are up to you

Anytime you want adjust how often you get shipments, Easy.

Why should I get it?

Well, when you get amazing products delivered automatically, you’ll always look, feel, and smell your best. So that’s good. And you won’t run out of what you need. AND you don’t have to trudge to the store when you want to look good.

Is this like one of those record clubs that are impossible to cancel?

No way. We hope you stay, but we don’t make it hard to leave. It’s easy to cancel online.